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First: Check Division

1 . Disclosure the administrative violation and take appropriate procedures.
 2 . Monitor the devolution of powers and responsibilities .
3 . Detect irregularities resulting from a failure of internal control in the administrative units .
4 . Propose remedies necessary in case of accidents or violations of administrative negligence or forwarded to the competent authorities .
5 . Inform the competent authorities about the shortcomings in the organization , which unfold through its business by contacting approaching specialized reorganization in order to ensure proper functioning .
6 . Monitoring time employees of the university and preparing of letters reporting on the results of those rounds with monitoring phenomena related to staff time .
7 . Study the issues referred to it and deal with financial irregularities to identify those offenses and those responsible for them before the investigation , and suggest means to reduce the incidence of such violations .
8 . Follow-up financial and administrative irregularities raised by other regulatory bodies through what is referred to the administration of pictures transactions and reports.
9 . Monitor the functioning of the administrative units of the University .
10 . Participate in the committees of the Special Investigation irregularities .
11 . Follow-up of faculty in their offices according to the circular issued by HE Dr Vice President for Studies, Development and Follow-up which has the office hours for faculty member .
12 . Ensure that the faculty member using the halls recorded according to the schedule prepared by the Admission and Registration Deanship .
13 . The confirmation of the presence of the faculty member and the start of the study from the first week of the beginning of the semester .
14 . Ensure that the faculty member is the one who teach, not by the assistant or lecturer .
15 . Monitor the performance of academic units and research units in quantity and quality to measure this performance in light of the criteria laid down in advance .
16 . Ensure that the staff will help the students registered for the deleted and added in colleges and Dean ( where was found some of compromising by some staffs in the lack of interest and apathy and waste of student time with leaving and returning ) .
17 . Follow-up of the University buildings where maintenance work and any views on the general appearance of the University buildings .
18 . Making sure no smoke inside offices .
19 . Participation and develop solutions and monitor the situation of congestion at the beginning and the end of work hours, as well as at the beginning of each semester .
20 . Ensure not to use the property of the University in what is allocated to it .
21 . Ensure that all the business of maintenance , projects or contracts performed according to the instructions and on time.




Second:  Receive Complaints and Suggestions Division

1. Examine reports and complaints relating to administrative aspects.
2. Examine referred to complaints or reports address fined or gather their information and background checks for those entities covered by this information and investigations, and take the required examination of the inspection of the units covered by the order to determine what may have occurred where irregularities and officials them in preparation for investigation.
3. Follow-up the call made by the students or faculty members or his direct supervisor.
4. Receive complaints either by fax or attend the complainant or e-mail or via the suggestions and complaints link or over the allotted phone to receive the observations by employees of the University or from reviewers.
5. Follow-up to complaints referred to the Standing Committee to consider matters relating to university members.
6. Consider complaints referred to it, investigate and gather information and take statements from witnesses around.
7. Cooperating with all irrelevant in or outside the University to determine the level of university graduates and the contribution of the programs that they studied their performance in practice.
8. Cooperating with the deans at the University to enable faculty members and students to take advantage of the means that the university provided and the implementation of the regulations.



Third: Administration Division  

1. Make periodic reports on the activities and achievements of units and the observations and recommendations of work develop if needed.
2. Call who needed by the administration.
3. Raise the full report of the complaint to the decision owner after studies .
4. Report rules and regulations, decisions and instructions of the University of the amount, or the information wants by the units to communicate with all units of the university.
5. Written circulars and distribute it to all units of the University.
6. Documenting circulars and extract copies of them when request.
7. Granting administrative partitions for all units of the University.
8. Give transactions numbers and export them.
9. Receiving incoming transactions.
10. Supply external transactions.
11. Print the statement delivery and receipt of the transaction.
12. Follow up the transaction.
13. Save transactions.
14. Track the progress of transactions for management or other departments.
15. Recording and linking transactions.